April 4, 2008

Being Mommy

One of the most treasured things in my life is the gift and ability for me to be a mother. I often wonder how i grew from never wanting kids to pregnant in high school, then not wanting any more to having one more for my husband and a playmate for my oldest. Then a couple years pass and i was suddenly "missing" one. And now i am Mommy to 3 terrific boys. I dream of nothing more than to be the stay-at-home soccer mom with a mini-van. I love cleaning the house and having a table set for dinners. I love the reading and the bath times. I love teaching my kids rules and values and then hearing them "teach" each other despite the other's resistance. I love watching them play together and i love hearing the giggles coming from their room when they were supposed to be asleep an hour ago. The hugs and the kisses are priceless, especially when i walk through the door and am greeted with cheers of "Mommy's Home!" as i'm attacked by my kids. I find it amazing that i have gone from wanting none to finding my role in life. And now i sometimes find myself feeling wonderfully foolish for never wanting this amazing life. I am so grateful that feelings change as time moves forward, and that blessings come our way no matter how much we think we don't need them.

2 comments from people we love:

Meredith & Eric said...

Being a mommy is pretty great! And you're such a wonderful one, too!

P.S. Welcome to blogging! :) Beware, it can kind of get addictive!

Jen said...

Yay...it's Chrystal!! I'm glad you're doing a blog...Mer's right. It can get out of control. :)