December 13, 2008

Love Bug

When this Love Bug ornament came into our Pier 1 stores this year our customers went CRAZY for it! We sold out of our first shipment within days. Our entire second shipment was preordered by another customer (or two?) and hence sold out before it ever arrived. We didn't receive anymore after that. I personally really loved this little bug and was fortunate enough to have one of our associates pick one up for me at one of our Phoenix stores.

And almost everyday since, I have had customers calling and coming into our store in desperate hopes of being able to get their hands on the Love Bug. They are willing to pay ANYTHING to get one, including the ridiculously high shipping fees. And much to their sadness our company is completely Sold Out. I am still surprised how upset they are getting over this ornament, I've had customers almost yelling at me because it is impossible for us to track them down!
Tonight I was goofing off around ebay again and for some reason looked up the Love Bug. Their are people placing bids up to $100 for this ornament. I only paid $10 for mine. I'm sorry, I'm just shocked how much people are willing to pay and at the craze that one ornament can stir up.
Next year, I'll have to keep my eyes open for our Super Seller. I can buy them all and then sell them for 10x what I paid for them on ebay. Crazy!

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Meredith said...

SOOOOO cute! I want one! :)