January 25, 2012

Flagstaff Jean Company

For most of my married life, I have owned a single pair of jeans. No, not just 1 pair of jeans for almost 9 years. Though that would be oh so amazing to consistently have my curves fill the same size after having 3 children. I mean, 1 pair of jeans at a time.

What is it about jeans that is so frustrating? Perhaps it is in finding the perfect pair. These are too long, those are too short. The waist on these is too high, on those it's too low. The waist fits great, but it's too small around my thighs. Or it's fits great around the thighs, but it's too tight around the waist. Or, my personal favorite lately, the booty pockets are too small - making my booty look 3x larger than it really is. Seriously, the jeans that a 12 year old girl wears should not have the same size pockets as woman's jeans. Just saying. And it seems as though you have to be willing to pay $60 for a standard, never-fits-quite-right pair. Perhaps I'm cheap. That's probably it.

Lately I have been wearing the GAP curvy jeans. They were okay. Just one problem. Straight leg doesn't always mean strait leg. I need jeans that don't taper in around the knee and then flair out again. Think mermaid. Sorry, this white girl can't pull off mermaid anything. Turns out, strait leg (which would be the most flattering style for my curves) is really hard to come by in this neck of the woods. But these jeans of mine had 2 holes forming in them, and patches just weren't going to be able to cut it this time. And to top it off, we no longer have a GAP in Flagstaff. Total bummer.

But then the heavens smiled on our little town and brought us the Flagstaff Jean Company. Sorry men, this store is for women only. They have jeans lining every wall and hanging on every rack, with a price range for just about anybody. Including cheap old me.

So I went there a few weeks ago. Still, no strait leg. But they did have many other styles to try. I got the help of the fabulous Andrea (store owner), and soon jeans were being flipped over my dressing room door as I tried on pair after pair. After trying on about a dozen different styles and fits, I found them. Jolt Jeans. The most strait leg I could find. It didn't matter that the jeans were about 5 inches too long, or my legs 5 inches too short. They offer FREE alterations. And the price, very nice. I walked out with a pair of jeans for about $50 after tax. Yes, I'm in love.

I took them home and washed and dried them a few times. Just to give them a chance to adjust to my size. I've worn them to make sure I love them. And today I finally brought them back to the store for my free alteration. What they didn't know was that hidden in the depths of my over-sized cram-all bag were a pair of workout pants that I planned to leave the store wearing. Why? Because these jeans were the only pair I owned.

I was fitted, dreading the thought of having to put on my workout pants when I had to turn my jeans over. So I asked the store owner if, by chance, they had another pair just like the ones I was wearing. You see, the first time I was there, they only had 1 pair in my size. Again, the heavens smiled upon me. She had another pair.

That is correct. I now own 2 pairs of jeans! This may seem silly to some of you, but it is a ginormous deal to me. I left the jeans I wore in for alterations, but I walked out wearing a brand new pair. Which I will return for alterations of their own after a few weeks of washing and wearing. It feels so good to have 2 pairs of jeans to cover my derriere.

Thank you, Flagstaff Jean Company.

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P.S. I did not take this photo. I copied it from an article The Arizona Daily Sun wrote about the store.