April 17, 2008

Cody, please forgive me!

I'm sorry Cody! A couple nights ago i took some pictures of Cody making faces. Okay, i actually took about 50 pictures of him! But now they're all lost. I downloaded them onto our computer, put them into a file, even watched the slide show of them. Then i came on here to post something about Cody and the pictures vanished! He's been so excited and patient to have photos on here, and somehow i've blown it.

Since i really don't have more recent pictures, here's a photo of Cody from my grandma's house in January. We were working on a quilt that we started 5 years ago and haven't finished yet. Cody really wanted to help make the quilt so my mom taught him how to sew. He really did a great job, i must admit! This quilt has the love of so many in it that it was really special to have a part of Cody in it as well. He is now the 4th generation to take a part in the making of the quilt. Hopefully, we'll get this thing finished this summer and i'll be able to post some photos of it.

I'll take more pictures to post. 9 year-olds just aren't as excited about taking pictures as younger kids are. But i am determined. There will be more pictures of him up here!

1 comments from people we love:

Meredith & Eric said...

I would go crazy if I had lost pictures like that! How does that seem to happen? It's like computers have a black hole in them sometimes...