June 3, 2008

A Drastic Change

My hair hasn't been this short since grade school, but alas, it was time for a major change. About a month ago i decided that i really hated my hair style. It was long, always pulled into a ponytail, and messy looking. I hate how i look with boy hair and decided that that was the kind of look i was obtaining with the ponytails. While i love having long hair, the style wasn't fitting my personality. So yesterday i went to my hairdresser and told her to cut it off. SO EXCITING!! You can't really see it, but i also have long bangs that side sweep to the left.
I love my hair! It took so much less time to style this morning compared to my long hair. And my hairdresser spent 30 minutes just thinning it out-so it is so light and non-poofy. Even better-i was able to make it look like it did when i left the salon yesterday. That Never happens!
Anyway, i love it!!!!!!! I definitely think the bob fits me better than the cave-woman shag. There's even the added bonus that Max can't control me with a fist full of hair anymore. Need i say more?!

5 comments from people we love:

Rachael said...

I love your hair. I too like my hair short. Matt would like me to have it long again, even though he agrees that it is better short. So, I am humoring him until we move and then I will chop chop.

Meredith & Eric said...


I love having mine short, too, but it just won't stay straight like that unless I use the straightener every day. Oh well. I kind of don't mind yo-yo'ing between long and short!

Chrystal said...

Mer-i still have to use the straightener everyday, but now it's only for about 10 minutes instead of the 15-20 from before. Having my hair thinned out definitely helped as well.

Jenni foo foo said...

SEXY!!! I want more PICTURES!!

Matt said...

I love it!!! I hardly recognized you. Cute girl!!!! -- Matt