June 3, 2008

Study Time

A couple nights ago Josh and i decided to get the boys in bed and then build a fire outside and have some quiet grown-up time. Actually, Josh really needed to study for his paramedic class-and i just enjoy the fires. So i got the boys in bed while Josh built the fire and got set up to study. And this is what i came out to.
That's the lamp from our living room. Look at the ottoman! As funny as it was and very comfortable looking, i had to vito the ottoman. The last thing i wanted was for our living room furniture to be covered in fire residue and smelling of campfire. Or partially singed from the heat. Oh Josh, i love you!

3 comments from people we love:

Rachael said...

That is my kind of evening. I agree with you on the ottoman. I love to just sit outside and relax it is so calming.

Meredith & Eric said...

Nice! With we had a fire pit!

Stephanie said...

That is hilarious! lol