July 10, 2008

Girl's Night

As many of you know i am a Movie Fanatic. Especially during the summer when all the good movies seem to come out. It's hot outside, it's hot inside, but i can escape to a cool theatre for 2-3 hours and just sit back and relax. I go at least once a week with the boys, and now i go 2-3 times a month with my mom.

My mom shares in my love for movies. We like to take our sanity breaks and go out with our popcorn and chocolate, and just talk like girl friends do before and after the show. It was always just me and my mom who went. Most of you know that my sister, Barbie, didn't always get along so well with my mom and me. But this year things have changed. Relationships have mended and healed and become stronger. And now . . . miraculously, i have the sister i have always wanted.

And now, what used to just be a duo at the movies has turned into a trio. Then last night our little trio had plans to see another movie. Barbie wasn't too thrilled with the movie selection and changed our plans to a dinner night. I am the first to admit that i was a little upset about skipping my much loved movie night. I even called my mom and we were secretly trying to plan to catch a show after dinner. It's a movie . . . it's what we do!

So we met up at Picazzo's at 6 pm and ate an extremely delicious Gluten-Free meal. (Let me just say that i LOVE Picazzo's!) An hour went by, then two. We were having such a great time just talking and laughing and being together that we forgot about the time. A third hour came and went and then a 4th. Yes, our little trio sat at our table for almost 4 hours.

Words cannot describe how wonderful it was to sit with my mom and sister and talk like we did. It was like our own Sex In The City girls night. We bonded in a way that could not have been accomplished by seeing a movie. I have always wanted to be close to my family. To call and talk all the time, to meet up places and hang out. And finally that time is beginning to emerge, in the form of a girl's night. I can't wait to do it again!!

What about the movie? Hee. Hee. My mom and i are going out with the boys when she gets off work today. What?! It's a movie, it's what we do!

3 comments from people we love:

Cherise Rowley said...

Thanks for the comment!---those were way good ideas! I think i'll do the drawing....thanks lady!!! and hey i need to get the drawing of cody to you. I think i can part with it now. :)

Meredith said...

good for you guys! And it's so great that you do that together on a regular basis!

Kaydi Rae said...

oh wah...I wanna go to girls night. :o) brownies and ice cream after?