July 23, 2008

The Good Wife

Here is something my mom emailed me that i thought was hilarious. I know that it wasn't actually posted in Housekeeping Monthly. It is actually rumored to have been in a girls junior high textbook for home-ec. But i couldn't help but to think what it would be like at home if the wife actually did act this way.

I jokingly suggested that we should treat our husbands like this for a week and see how they respond. My mom laughed and declared "Are you kidding?! They'd love it!" I told her i thought Josh would ask me what was wrong with me and if i was feeling okay.

Yet i can't help but wonder how he would respond. I realize that we don't have the traditional home versus work set-up that many couples have. I work on all the days that Josh is home. And here i am, still wondering how it would be accepted if i was indeed the "Good Wife" as much as schedules would allow.

So here it goes. Just for fun, i am going to be the "Good Wife" for a week. Alright, i'll TRY to be the "Good Wife." I really wonder how Josh will respond to me being this Completely different wife. Hee. Hee. Starting tomorrow morning (Thursday morning), i will greet him as he comes home has the "Good Wife."

My prediction is that he will indeed love it; at first. Then he'll tire of it and start to feel guilty that i'm doing so much extra work, leaving him practically nothing to do. Beginning tomorrow, i will follow the "Good Wife" list. This should be interesting. I'll tell Josh Thursday next week about my little experiment. I'll tell you then how it went.

2 comments from people we love:

Meredith said...

I've seen this somewhere before, but I'm totally going to try this, too! It's funny, because some of those things I try an do already (like not complaining when he gets home, trying to have the house quiet, and being happy to see him).

Stephanie said...

I think you should wear the dress and heals too while you vacuum. lol No way! Not me! Let me know how it goes though. This is funny.