September 8, 2008

Fall Cleaning

Don't call our home phone! Beginning September 11, our home line will no longer be in service. I'm so excited! With the use of cell phones we have found that we really don't use our home line. To reach us now please call our cells.

This seems to be a theme of mine right now. I just feel as though we have so much excess. We have all these little things we think we need to have, but we don't! (see my post below) I'm in a Spring Cleaning (or Fall Cleaning) mood for all this stuff we have but really don't need/use.

Another one of these little things i'd like to get rid of is our satellite TV. I might watch a show or two a week and that's about it. And the shows i do watch i normally just have on late at night as background noise while i'm getting ready for bed. I don't really enjoy watching TV and i really don't like the boys watching TV either. But Josh, that's another story. Josh loves his sports. Plain and simple. Josh cannot live without his sports and therefore cannot live without TV. We shut off our TV for a while once before. I thought it was heaven, Josh thought it was hell. Well, we chose our battles. It makes Josh happy and isn't something to fight about.

I tend to collect stuff; Josh calls it junk. So i go through our house a couple times a year to purge and reorganize. It means, with the exception of furniture, that we have about the same amount of stuff we had when we first got married. Josh loves it when i'm in a purging/reorganizing mood. Now i'm taking it a step further to get rid of those things you don't see. Aka the phone, the car, and all the other little things you accumulate without really seeing. Once a year i will now have Fall Cleaning. Doesn't that sound nice!

Hmmmm, what else can i get rid of!?!

1 comments from people we love:

Meredith said...

I, too, hate the TV. I WISH Eric weren't so attached to it otherwise, I would have gotten rid of it a long time ago!