September 8, 2008

What To Do . . .

How many of you have ONE car for your family? Josh and i are contemplating selling one of our cars and going solo for a while. We very seldom actually need 2 cars, and i'm sure those few times could have been managed better with more thoughtful planning on our part. Because one of us is always home with the kids-so is one of the cars. Most of our errands i run after i get off work, that way we aren't wrestling 3 kids through stores. And Josh's work is a small walk up the road-so if he had the car and i needed it to go somewhere i could just walk up with the boys and get it.

We thought we might sell our Subaru. You may wonder why the Subaru and not the Buick. The Subaru is a '99 and the Buick a '90. The Subaru has 115k miles and the Buick 140k. So it may seem that the Subaru would be the better car to keep. But we are thinking of selling it because it is the car we are making monthly payments on, the car with the higher insurance. The Buick is not a good choice for trips out of town, but for the once or twice a year we actually leave town we can rent a car. We're not upside-down with the Subaru, so that wouldn't be an issue either.

I suppose we are hoping to drive the Buick until it dies. It has almost always been safe and reliable-giving us relatively little problems. We are hoping that we can either save the money we would have used on Subaru payments for a new car or we can pay down some debt (which is probably what we would do). I am also hoping to get anther year or two out of the Buick before it's time to say goodbye. If everything goes well with just one car-we'll stay a one-car family. We are fortunate enough to have work schedules that make it unnecessary for us to have two cars.

I don't know. Please forgive me for rambling on here with my wondering thoughts. We are trying out driving just one car right now. If in several weeks we find that no, we don't drive two cars, then we will take the dive and sell our Subaru. But i'm curious, what do you think? How many cars does your family have? If you have one, has it been an issue? Could your family schedule work with just one car?

2 comments from people we love:

Kaydi Rae said...

I don't think I could ever imagine you without the Buick :o) It's like it's a family member! I think it's great that you're going to try the one car thing. It woudln't work for us because of our work schedules/work locations but if it works for you and you can save money--go for it! Miss you guys!

Meredith said...

We had two cars, the van and the Maxima, and then we had Eric's company car....making 3. We never used the Maxima, so we sold it, but Eric turned around and got a motorcycle with that.

So we have two cars and a motorcycle. The bike is rarely ridden, so we really don't need it. But we do need two cars, because Eric travels a lot and I'd need to have the van, unless I wanted to be cooped up in the house for days and days and days without transportation. But the shopping center we have is only a mile away.

SO...I suppose if we NEEDED to, we could get by with one car. But I like having two.

Now I'm the rambling one...