August 26, 2008

The Good Wife; Continued

A couple weeks ago i told you how i was going to do me best to be "The Good Wife." Well, here's the results.

This turned out to be much more difficult than i thought it would be. But it was only difficult because of how mine and Josh's schedule's work together. Many times, when Josh gets home from work in the morning it's immediately time for me to leave for work. We didn't have 1 day off together, so i never got to be "The Good Wife" for a day.

Other than that, i actually found it to be kind of enjoyable. I normally have the house clean when Josh gets home anyway-but this time it was EXTRA clean. I was doing the laundry, and the shopping, cleaning, taking care of the kids, and i always have my makeup on and my hair done. Yea, big deal. I was already doing that before my little challenge. It wasn't difficult to step it up a little.

The enjoyable part came out of playing the part. Cleaning for Josh instead of cleaning because i had to made it kind of fun. It was like being able to have a surprise for somebody you love on the daily basis. When Josh got home i gave him sometime to settle in and then i'd ask him how his day was. He never wanted to elaborate much, and i was very pleased that he normally asked me how my day was first. He's so sweet!

Josh never did get bored to the house being clean-or all the other work being done. He always loved it. He loved coming home to a spotless house. It meant that even though i was at work-he didn't have to really do anything but play with the boys and do what he wanted to do. I received many praises and thanks from him for this. He kept saying how nice it was to come and just relax.

What i really enjoyed and learned the most is what a wonderful husband i have. He was always so appreciative. Josh thanked me everyday-even several times a day. He noticed the little things i did for him. He called my phone when i was at work just to leave me a message expressing gratitude for me and all i do. :::sigh::: Even though this was my secret little project, he never let it be just about him.

I've decided that i am going to continue on like i have for the past couple weeks. Everything has been so happy and relaxed---how could i not!

2 comments from people we love:

Meredith said...

Way to go! I'm proud of you for actually following through and doing it!

Jenni foo foo said...

You're so cool! I love that!