September 26, 2008

Winning Millions

A couple weeks ago i was having really vivid dreams that i won the Powerball. That would have been a miracle considering that i don't buy tickets. But for four days/nights, i kept having this dream. And then i couldn't get the thought of the Powerball out of my head. This feeling lasted until sometime Wednesday (that week) when i had finally committed to myself that i would by a ticket the following day on my way home from work.

I didn't have the dream that night. On Thursday i didn't really give it much thought until i had left work. I bought my ticket and then on Friday went on-line to see when the drawing was going to be on Saturday. I didn't realize that there are TWO drawings each week! One on Saturday's and the other on Wednesday's. Like i said, i don't buy tickets.

Obviously i didn't win or you would have heard about it by now. But i can't stop thinking that had i of listened to my dreams and the voice in my head during some point of the four relentless days/nights-and bought a ticket then-that i would have won that Wednesday's Powerball.

And now, i am buying tickets. Normally just one a week. I suppose i am hoping for the miracle. Somebody has to win it, right? This little story really has no point what-so-ever, but the dreams were so real . . . i can't help but wonder. Next time, if the urgency strikes again, i will act sooner. Who knows . . .

2 comments from people we love:

Meredith said...

That's awesome. I hope you win, and then of course you'll have to send some my way, just for being your friend.

Cherise Davies said...

haha i was totally going to say the same as mer..until i saw that she said it. lol.