October 2, 2008

The Power of Prayer . . .

This is a story about a personal experience i had last week. But i feel safe sharing it here, especially since you each know my feelings on the topic.

Last week i got back from visiting my Grandparents. I fed Maddox right before we left. I tried again a couple times on the long drive home, but he wouldn't have anything to do with me! I had to pump late that night because he still wouldn't eat. Miraculously, and to my great relief, he ate the next morning. I foolishly believed all was well, until i came home from work the next night and he again wanted nothing to do with me.

I felt so hurt and sad that Max didn't "want" me anymore. I wasn't ready to give up our bonding time. He's only 9 months old-he still has another 9 months to go. And i had vowed long ago that my kids wouldn't get formula (because i was able to breastfeed). Max would act like he wanted to eat, and when i sat down with him he would scream and refuse to eat. I was so frustrated and felt so rejected that i sat down and cried.

2 days of basically not nursing had passed and on the 3rd day i tried something new. I decided i wouldn't thaw-out a bottle for him. I was going to let him get so hungry he would have no choice but to let me feed him. Late into that morning we tried again. And again, he screamed and wouldn't eat. I didn't know what to do. Nothing like this has happened to me before with my boys. I had tried everything i could think of to get him to eat but nothing was working. So i decided to try something i almost never do. I gently rocked Maddox, and i prayed. I opened my heart and cried as i begged for help.

I immediately felt some peace and dried my tears. I kissed Max and we tried again. This time, Max nursed like normal. While he nursed i offered a prayer of thanks. 4 hours later i sat down again to feed Max. He screamed, then i sat down with him and prayed again. He immediately began to nurse-and everything as been fine since.

I have never had a such a response with prayer. It was amazing. For the first time in my life i didn't feel like i was talking to myself. For the first time in my life my prayer was answered. I know that it could have just been coincidence that Max nursed when i prayed- but the gentle feeling of peace i had after i prayed wasn't. This experience has left me feeling so amazing. I finally feel as though every Sunday i drag my family to church hasn't been in vain. This probably sounds silly-but i feel as though i just caught a glimpse of this other world i've been hoping was there. Does that even make sense?

I don't know. But i have suddenly felt this desire to draw nearer to church and it's teachings. I want to take advantage of this feeling and see where it takes me and my family. I never would have thought that Maddox refusing to eat could turn out so positively. It really has been a huge blessing in disguise.

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Jesse & Amy-Lynn said...

Even when you feel like your talking to your self he still hears you. I know because I did alot of praying for some one to love me for me and my pray was answered the day your brother asked me to marry him. Not only was that prayer answered but to be a mother one day was also answered with the life of Auctavine!! I give thanks every day for Jesse, Auctavine and the rest of people who make up my family!! Glad to hear he is eating agian. I know how upsetting it is when you try to breastfeed and your little one does not want it. I tried for a month with Auctavine but he wanted the bottle and by the time I got my pump I had all ready started drying up. So against my will he is a formula baby but at least I know he is eating and growing that is what is important!! Love ya.

Cherise Davies said...

That's such a sweet experience and i'm so glad you posted it! Writing those experiences down is So important i think-at least for me. The only ones i REALLY remember long term are the ones i've written down.
And thanks for your comment! You're so nice!!! :)
Your kids are all growing so fast! They're adorable!!!

Meredith said...

how incredibly AWESOME! I don't think I've ever really had an experience even close to that, but I think I'd write it down, too if I did. That's so wonderful that you caught a glimpse of the other world out there! :)

Rachael said...

Heavenly Father does answer our prayers and I know that. There will be days when you think you are alone and you may have to reread what you wrote you remember that He is there and He is listening. Don't forget the feelings that you felt. Heavenly Father loves His children.

KAYCEE said...

So I don't know any other way to leave a comment, so I suppose this will work. It won't let me "follow" your blog for some reason, but hopefully it will work eventually. To answer your question, we have been dating about a year and a half now. It's been fun and crazy with him and baseball, but everything is going well.

KAYCEE said...

PS. Tell Barbie to invite me to her blog :)