October 19, 2008

Humphrey's Peak

Time for some family photos! We had a rare afternoon off together yesterday and took full advantage of it by taking the boys up to the peaks. It is so beautiful up there, and we thought the boys would have fun hiking around and playing in the leaves. The afternoon was a total success and something that we will definitely do again very soon. And better yet, we actually got some photos! We got the family photo by setting the timer on the camera and putting the camera on an aspen tree that was stuck between two others-not too bad for a tree shot!

Cody climbed trees, Zackary explored and wondered where all the moss was coming from, and Maddox ate dirt.

3 comments from people we love:

Meredith said...

Looks like fun! The leaves are so pretty! I'm still waiting for those two to four days when the leaves are gorgeous here...they're only barely starting to turn. Ug.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! The boys are absolutely adorable!

Jenni foo foo said...

Your kids are getting SO BIG!! Love them!