October 19, 2008

Time for more Applesauce

During September i went to my grandma's house with my mom and boys. My grandma picked apples from her trees before we got there so we could make applesauce (mostly on my mom's request, i think).
So for one of the days we were there we made applesauce. By "we" i mean everybody but me and Maddox. Cody really enjoyed peeling and coring the apples while my mom and grandma cut out bad spots and cut up the apples. Cody sat there for hours working on the apples, i was shocked he had so much fun doing it.
Zackary's idea of helping was throwing the cut-up apples into the large bowl to make a splash. I don't think my mom enjoyed getting splashed as much as Zackary liked splashing her.
Watch how fast Cody did these apples!

2 comments from people we love:

Horse's family said...

Home made applesauce is the best!!! I wish I could have helped!! Maybe one year I can!! Looks like the boys had a blast!!

Meredith said...

How fun! I wanted to make applesauce with the apples we picked, but the kids ate them all before I got a chance to!