October 19, 2008


The boys in their tub. It was Cody's time for a shower and he asked if he could take a bath instead. A moment later he came out and asked if Maddox could take a bath with him because he thought it would be fun. I agreed and off they went. Zackary asked Cody if he could also get in and was told no because it would be too crowded, but he could put his feet in if he wanted to.
Needless to say, within minutes they were all in the tub laughing and giggling like a bunch of girls. They put bubbles on their heads so they could have Santa hair. Cody asked me to take their picture so of course i did! (Don't worry, i sat on the floor by the door so i wouldn't "see anything." I personally thought they were too told to take baths together - mainly Cody with the little boys - but apparently i was wrong! How cute are they?

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Meredith said...

How cute! I love bathtime pictures!