October 15, 2008

Upcoming Blessing

Our precious little Maddox recently turned 10 months old. As awful as it is, we haven't had him blessed yet. Our little baby has teeth and is walking, but hasn't been blessed. We haven't had him blessed yet simply because we didn't know who to ask to do the blessing.

My brother, Matt, blessed Cody and Zackary for us. So it seemed only natural that he would bless Maddox also. My brother has always been a great spiritual guidance in my life. He was the one and only family member i would ever consider to bless my little ones. And so, when Maddox was born, Matt and i began making plans for him to come out and perform the blessing for us. Unfortunately, after a few months we realized that it would be impossible this time. Matt had a new baby of his own, was completing his last semester of grad school, moving, and starting a new job. Whew! My mind spins just thinking about how busy he was/is.

When we realized he wouldn't be able to come out i should have jumped on the ball and asked someone else to do the blessing. But honestly, i didn't know who. It just felt wrong having someone other than Matt do the blessing. Matt gave Cody and Zackary such beautiful blessings that perhaps i was afraid someone else wouldn't be able to do the same. I know that is ridiculous, it is the spirit that inspires the blessing. And for some unknown reason, i was a little embarrassed to ask. But last week i finally put my pride aside and decided to get the ball rolling.

I ordered a blessing outfit for Maddox and set up a date and time with our bishop. Josh and i invited a few men to be in the circle. And then i finally asked someone to do the blessing. I asked Don Rowley, Cody's grandpa. My boys all look to him as grandpa, and we see him as extended family. Zackary and Cody are always so excited to see grandpa sitting up on the stand on Sunday's and make a point to make sure i see him. These past 7 months, his name kept popping into my head as the person to ask to fill in for Matt. Don has always been a very strong, and uplifting spiritual guidance to me (even if i haven't told him). It just feels right to have him bless Maddox. I asked, and he said yes.

So on November 9th, at about 2:15 pm we are getting Maddox blessed. We are getting him blessed after church in one of the rooms there. You are all welcome to come, i'll let you know which room we are doing the blessing in as soon as i know! Finally, my little baby will be blessed. It is so comforting having Cody and Zackary blessed, and for some reason i worry almost daily that Maddox hasn't had that same privileged. In a couple of weeks the worry will be replaced with comfort. And all i can say is Don, thank you.

3 comments from people we love:

Cherise Davies said...

oh i'm so glad! How fun! I bet he's excited to do that! :)

Jesse & Amy-Lynn said...

I am very glad to hear that he will be blessed. I am still trying to figure out about Auctavine and if we will have him blessed, baptised or both. I know that your brother and I come from a different religous back ground so Auctavine might end up with a blessing and baptism. Who knows but first we need to go to church more. Then Auctavine will have a better fundation for his blessing and/or baptism. Wish us luck.

Meredith said...

I am so happy you asked Don! I was going to suggest that you do that as I was reading the beginning of the post and was so happy to hear when you actually did! Yay!!!

Don blessed Jackson and confirmed me into the Church and I'm so glad he did. He is wonderful and always guided by the spirit. He'll do a great job!