December 2, 2008

You Have Bald Cheetah Spots on your Head!

This weekend we traveled way down south to Rodeo, New Mexico for my granddad's funeral. On Saturday morning before the funeral services began my sister, Barbie, offered to trim up Cody's hair. Cody has been trying to grow his hair out to look like Drake's, from the television show Drake and Josh. Just before Barbie finished cutting Cody's hair i went in to see how it was going. His hair was much shorter than i was expecting it to be. Apparently my brother, Jesse, got his Marine haircut trimmed also. Cody practically worships Jesse and suddenly decided that a Marine buzz was more suitable for him as well. My wise sister told Cody she wouldn't go that short with his hair-and did a middle of the road compromise.

I really wasn't paying much attention to Cody's haircut. And when he was finished i had him go back to our hotel room to shower to get all the little hairs off so he wouldn't be itchy. When he came out of the shower Josh and i immediately noticed that Cody had a bald spot just above his temple on the right side of his head. It was about an inch wide and about half an inch in height. And on the other side of his head, at about the same spot, Cody had several smaller bald spots.

Barbie had already left for my grandma's house so we couldn't have her fix it before we headed over to the house with our other 23 family members. Cody was embarrassed and didn't want to go. Josh and i were mortified that my sister, who had graduated from beauty school earlier this year, would give that kind of hair cut. She was supposed to be a professional . . . and yet here was our child with cheetah spots on his head!

When we got to grandma's house everybody noticed Cody's hair immediately. We told them the above story-as they laughed in shock and disbelief (and because Cody looked ridiculous). Barbie was mortified when she saw Cody. She was a little angry with me because i didn't have her fix it when we first noticed it (i explained she had already left). She was humiliated because everybody in the house knew she was the one who had cut Cody's hair. She quickly bribed Cody into letting her fix his hair. Cody got the awful, Marine cut he had wanted.

Then Barbie was saying she didn't know what had happened. None of her tools cut hair as close as the bald spots. Even after she fixed Cody's hair you could still tell where the bald spots were. We couldn't figure out where things went wrong. Shortly after that i was putting a band aid on Cody's finger and was hit with a sudden thought.

I asked Cody if he had used my razor when he rinsed off in the shower. He responded "I don't know." Interesting. After a little more prodding the truth was revealed. Cody had wanted his hair completely bald on the sides just like Uncle Jesse. So when he was in the shower he saw my razor and tried to shave off his own sides. He gave himself his 1st haircut. (He was lucky he didn't cut himself) He immediately apologized - very loudly - to Barbie, so all who were still in the room could hear him. It was still another 2 days before everyone in the family had learned that Barbie wasn't the one to butcher Cody's hair. Barbie was finally vindicated. Though this is something i'm sure we will all laugh about for many years to come.

What about Cody? I think his final haircut is punishment enough. It's as good as it could possibly be, thanks to Barbie. But Cody now resembles Bart Simpson and Will Smith's friend, Jazz, in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Except for being a cartoon and black. I only wish i had taken a before photo to show you.

4 comments from people we love:

Meredith said...

Holy cow! Yeah....I need to see a picture of this one!

Eric Rowley said...

What the crap!?? no picture?!? I HAVE to see this!

I would comment more if i didnt have to do that stupid word verification....

MoM K said...

Cody!!! You rascal! No more shaving your own head! this is your grandma speaking and you MUST obey! Actually that was quite a dangerous thing to do. What if you had cut your head, and they bleed LOTS!(did you know that?)And then you yelled for your mom and she had to come and rescue you while you were still naked!??!! THAT is why you should NOT do it and more! I'm sure I'll see you at church on Sunday. Don't wear your hat... I love you anyway!

Mechelle said...

He know how to get what he wants! Not a bad thing. Maybe his methods with improve with time.

He is so cute, what his hair looks like will not matter. m