January 7, 2009

A Trip to Albuquerque

I took the boys to Albuquerque this week to see my dad. I haven't seen my dad for almost 5 years. Until this week he hadn't met two of my kids. My brother, Jacob, his wife, Gina, and their daughter, Brooke had just gotten back from Hungary and had to go to Albuquerque to pick up their dogs because my dad was watching them while they were gone. So we were invited to come for a visit and to see everybody.
Josh had to stay home because of his medic class and I must admit I was a little hesitant to drive 5.5 hours with just me and the kids. I had never really been to Albuquerque and I was nervous about breaking down and not having help. I was nervous about driving on roads I have never been on in places I had never been.

We drove 5 miles an hour through snow storms on the way there. The kids loved seeing other vehicles turned on their sides! :::gulp::: With white knuckles I kept going. We slide a couple times while moving slowly through the single lane of traffic-though nothing like the other cars around us. We managed to stay on the road. :) And then we finally made it safely there.

We got to my Dad and Kristie's house Sunday night. About an hour later, my dad came back from the airport with Jacob and his family. He was just as I remembered him. We try to talk on the phone every weekend, so even though I haven't seen him in some time, we were able to pick up where we left off.

A few hours later and we went to our hotel. It was really nice-in the morning I took all three of my boys swimming and had a lot of fun with them. We ate a good hotel breakfast and then went back to the house. Zack and Cody got in a Nerf-Gun fight with my dad and Jacob and had a blast! While they did that I was able to catch up with Kristie and Gina.

The next day Grandma Kristie walked us over to the neighbors house to feed their horses some apples by the gate. The boys were a little scared at first because they thought the horses were going to bite them.

When they realized the horses only wanted the apples and not their hands they thought it was pretty cool.

Anyway, long story short, we had a wonderful visit and my boys finally got to meet Grandpa and Grandma Horstmann. It was really nice having the opportunity to see everybody-it meant more than you could imagine. We are looking forward to possibly going back in February when my brother Jesse, his wife Amy, and their baby boy, Auctavine come to visit.

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Meredith said...

That's so great that you got to see your dad and have two of your kiddos meet him. I bet you feel so great now!