February 17, 2009

Cody's Birthday Party

As promised, pictures of Cody's 10th birthday party! Cody had 4 of his friends come to celebrate his party-along with 3 sets of grandparents, our family, and my brother Jesse with his family. All in all, we had about 18 people plus the coming and going of parents.

Cody decided he wanted to have his party at the fire station this year. Josh and I were incredibly grateful for this decision simply because our home is not large enough to handle 5 rambunctious kids and our families.

Josh took Cody over to decorate the station a few hours before the party began. The station has a large room that can be used for special functions. Inside the room they have a large projection screen that Josh and Cody set up to play the movie Star Wars: Clone Wars. There is also one of those old-fashioned movie popcorn machines. So popcorn was made for everybody to enjoy.

Like father like son: Josh likes everything very organized. Apparently, Cody does as well. There was a list on a white board of activities for the night that Cody wanted to do. So cute!

The boys arrived and in no time they were running around the room and hitting one another with balloons. Don't you just Love balloons?! They work for Big kids and Little kids!

Then Josh and my brother, Jesse, took all the boys (Cody and his 4 friends, plus Zackary) out to the truck bays for a mad game of Medic. Medic is kind of like Dodge Ball. It was great! There were little red footballs and kids running and laughing everywhere. Josh and Jesse were awesome with all those boys.

The adults sat down in conversation while the boys did their thing and enjoyed some refreshments. Everybody was so helpful and did a lot to keep things running smoothly.

After Medic we had some ice cream cake, which Cody picked out all the candles for, and opened presents. Cody made out like a bandit! He LOVED all his gifts, but more than that, he enjoyed time with his friends.

Probably the highlight of the evening was when the boys got to ride on the firetruck. Josh took 2 groups of boys on the Engine. They got to sit in the back of the cab with the headsets on and talk over their microphones while Josh drove them around. Some of the adults hadn't been on an Engine before, so they took turn riding shotgun with Josh.

I guess that whomever sits shotgun gets a fuzzy picture. Every picture of Grandpa Don and Grandpa Tom came out blurry. Dang it!

For several years now Cody has wanted a pinata at his party. A January birthday doesn't really allow for an outdoor pinata. For one thing, we don't have a good tree to string up a pinata from, and we also think having a pinata outside in the snow wouldn't work so well. But this year, we were finally able to make a birthday wish come true. We strung a pinata in the truck bays at the station. It was kind of funny to me, the boys broke open the pinata and didn't even pick up all the candy. Apparently, they were more interested in beating up Optimus Prime with a stick.

I got a quick picture of Cody with 3 of his friends right before they left for home. I think it's safe to say that Cody's 10th birthday celebration was a HUGE success! Thanks to all of you that came to celebrate with us. And a HUGE thanks to Josh's parents that helped with the clean-up, we really can't thank you enough for all that you did.

3 comments from people we love:

Mechelle said...

Corbin had lost of fun. Thanks for inviting him!!! M

Meredith said...

What an awesome idea to have the party at the fire station! That's AWESOME!

And I can't believe he's 10 already! Craziness!!!!

Carol said...

That had to be the COOLEST party ever! I don't know how you are going to top that. Tanner had a blast...thanks again.