February 12, 2009

Zackary Has a Play Date

Zackary has been begging me since the beginning of the year to set up a play date for him with one of his friends from church. At first, all I knew was he wanted to play with a boy from his class that "had on the green shirt with that thing over it." That thing would be a vest.

Last week I saw the little boy he was talking about, and I'm already friends with his mom! So I met with her after church this Sunday and talked about setting up a play date. Turns out, her little boy has been asking her for the same thing. I called her on a whim today because Zackary was mentioning that I needed to call them every 10 minutes. I really didn't think the little boy would be able to play on such short notice-but he was and was at our house just over an hour later!!

Zackary was thrilled his friend was able to come and play. The two of them ended up playing for 3 exciting hours. Here are some pictures from the highlights of their day.
I constructed a fort for the boys while they chose some toys (hotwheels) to play with. I pulled the chairs out from our table and used that as the main cave. We also have these collapsible tubes that I pulled out and assembled that led out from one side of the table and around to a different side.
I think that all together they had their Main Cave, 3 tunnels, and 3 compartments to chase each other in.

It wasn't long before a couple night lights found themselves in the darkest corners of the fort accompanied by piles of the sacred long lost hotwheels treasure.

For a short time, the boys were wearing Fort Hats. Zack was wearing a Junior Ranger hat that he pretends turns him into Indiana Jones, and his friend was wearing a Monsters Inc. helmet. I had Cody climb through the fort and take pictures for me because I am too big to crawl through the tubes. And I'm pretty sure that Mom wouldn't have been as well received as Cody was. Not that Cody was well received: Zack wouldn't let Cody take his picture while he was wearing his hat.
We turned on some loud music (amazingly, Maddox slept through it) for about 30 minutes while the boys danced like crazy. Seriously, after 5 minutes of jumping, hopping, and spinning kids around the room I was spent. I'm not sure how they lasted so long. I wouldn't be surprised if Zackary's friend crashes when he goes to bed tonight.

Some begging a short time later led to the music being turned on again for more break-dancing. The boys also got a little frisky and started jumping off the furniture. That was, until the Tickle Monster jumped out for the 20th time and attacked them. Secretly, I believe they actually Like the Tickle Monster-contrary to their screams of "NOoooooo!!" and "Run Away!!!!!!!!!" I will have to further investigate this matter next time.

Soon it was time to go. 3 hours flew by, actually it felt like half that long. I got all 4 boys ready to go and got Zack and his friend to sit down for a few seconds for a quick picture. (Sorry about the diaper in the background-I changed Maddox, took the picture, and then made it to the trash can) Zackary was thrilled to have had his friend over, but his friend was sad that he had to go home. For some odd reason, he really wanted to go to the grocery store with us.

We all had tons of fun and the boys are already planning on getting together next week. To no surprise, Zackary's friend really wants to come back to our house-and Zackary really wants to go to his house. I'm just glad they had fun and want to play again.

3 comments from people we love:

Mechelle said...

I know this little boy and he is lots of fun. Glad they got together. You are a good friend.

Can we have Cody over Friday for a play date? How does 6:30 sound, with Pizza and games. Corbin would love to have him if he can. Thanks, M

Meredith said...

Play dates are fun...when they actually play! Good for you and Zack!

MoM K said...

They had so much fun! I guess you are not wanting to say friend's name but I know him too. He was in our nursery and such a character. So cute. I'm glad you figured out who he was and that they had such a fab time!