February 18, 2009

Family Treasure

For as long as I can remember the kids in my family have fought over who gets "The Tub" when our mom dies or decides it's time to pass it on. Sounds kind of cruel and unkind in writing-but it's really not like that! We have all pleaded our cases to my mom as to why we each think we should be The Tub's new owner. She just smiles politely at us as though she's saying, "Oh, you think so."

So, what's so special about this Tub? When we lived in Germany, my mom saw that someone had put this tub out to be thrown away. She immediately had her eye on it and told my dad that if it was still there in a couple days that she wanted it. A couple days later it became part of our family.

While we were living in California, my mom cut apart maps and magazines from our stay in Germany. She took those clippings along with some special mementos and pictures of some of the Playmobile toys collected in Germany and glued them all over the tub. The Tub is probably now our greatest and most beloved souvenir from Germany.

You add a bean bag or some pillows and comfy blankets and you end up with the best seat in the house. It is surprisingly comfortable-and being made of metal-also very durable. For a while it was the favorite place of our dogs to sleep. We used to fight over who got to sit in it. And now, even the grand kids have been known to fight over who gets to sit in "The Tub."

Some families fight over the treasured cookie jar, butter churner, branding irons, or perhaps the amazing blankets and quilts that Grandma made. We fight over The Tub. You gotta love that!

5 comments from people we love:

Kaydi Rae said...

I loved that tub. Barbie and I had some good laughs with that thing. i think I rmember making some sort of man out of it. weird, i know.

Fauset Photography said...

That is AWESOME! I so love it!

Ashley Knudson said...

The tub is awesome! And any adventure I have you are welcome to join!

MoM K said...

It looks great! Zack looks adorable in it. I'll bet the stuff stuck on it is very cool. It's a great treasure!

Mechelle said...

So cute. Love the tub! m