February 25, 2009


The past couple of months I have really been wanting to paint my orange rooms a different color. I've been seeing orange for several years now and was ready to see something else. I mentioned it to Josh, who didn't think that re-painting the house every few years was a hobby he wanted to take up with me. But lately, I had been itching to change colors. Perhaps it's something to do with changing seasons, or maybe just wanting a change of surroundings.

On Sunday, just a few days ago, Josh left to work for 72 hours. And Cody woke up with a touch of the flu. Suddenly my mind was racing. The itch turned into a twitch. We couldn't go to church with Cody throwing up-I was going Crazy with nothing to do. So I did the unthinkable. I left Cody at home by himself (for the 1st time ever) laying on the sofa, and I took the little boys to Home Depot for paint and supplies with my window panels in tow.

I had to find a color that would work with my 4 very different panels. That way when I change panels for the seasons everything would still match. A difficult task lay ahead of me.

Yet just over an hour later we arrived back home with 4 gallons of wall color, and 5 gallons of primer. Of course I also needed latex gloves, rollers of different varieties, paint trays, and stir sticks. I was on a mission to have the house painted before Josh came home Wednesday morning (today).

I spent Sunday stripping and cleaning walls, filling in nail holes, and priming. Monday morning a dear friend of mine came over and helped me paint for the next 5-6 hours. By Tuesday (yesterday) everything was painted, and painted again. My friend came back that night and we decorated, hanging everything up and rearranging the front rooms.

I was up until about 1am for 3 nights and up early with the boys. There were no signs of Saturday morning's manicure to be seen. I just had to get everything done before Josh came home. I wanted to surprise him with this mini-makeover. And I wanted to make sure everything was complete so he wouldn't have to do anything when he got home. So please let me say I'm sorry to all those of you who's calls were unanswered-I was up to my elbows in paint, compound, and kids!

Josh got home just after 7 this morning-30 minutes before I had to leave for work. I locked him outside and made him close his eyes as he walked into our home. He had an expression on his face that said "Great. What did she do this time." Before he opened his eyes I told him I didn't to any laundry the past 3 days, and I didn't clean the bathroom. But the good news is that I didn't trash the house either. Then I told him he could open his eyes . . .

. . . I'll post pictures tomorrow; along with Josh's response.

5 comments from people we love:

Rachael said...

I wondered why I hadn't heard from you for a few days. My laundry room is calling your name. It needs the wallpaper stripped and the walls painted.

Meredith said...

You brat! I want to see pictures NOW!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see what color you did! Oatman is up by Laughlin on the Arizona side.Ill see you on Saturday!

Mechelle said...

OH cliff hanger~ This is like Who shot JR. (You are too young for that). I can't wait. I will be back. m


WHAT!? I wanna see! hehe ;-0 I liked the orange! lol! I'm excited to see!