February 4, 2009


Paying tithing is one of my many Resolutions for 2009. January was one of those funky months and we got paid 3 times. This last pay cycle I kept reminding myself that I needed to pay tithing, and to make up for the other 2 cycles that I missed. So I decided to pay all of this cycle and a little of the others, and to add a little of the others again until I'm caught up.

As I mentioned, paying tithing is scary and intimidating for me. Yes, it's paying extra money I don't feel we have, but it's more than that. Last year I told Josh I was going to give this whole "Do I believe in Heavenly Father or do I not" thing a try one more time. This meant I (that means me and the family) was going to go to church on Sunday's. Not sporadically, but every Sunday I could.

The year came and went. I went to church. The outcome? Still not knowing how I feel, but knowing that I feel better when I go and life seems to be SO much easier the weeks that I attend church. This could be a sign. I've also discovered a great social system that I feel is thrilled to see us on Sunday's. It's a tremendous feeling to be welcomed by so many.

You may be wondering how this relates to tithing? Well, it seems that I'm looking for the feeling of confirmation. I want the faith and all that goes with it. And one night it dawns on me (I can be slow at accepting changes) that to know the truth, I can't join in half-hearted. Yes, I go to church. But no, I don't pray (except those couple times a year). No, I don't pay my tithing. No, I don't read my scriptures. No, we don't have Family Home Evening. So how can I receive confirmation if I'm not putting real effort into it? I already know the answer.

This leads to 2009 becoming the year for me to display religious effort. Starting Sunday, starting now. I'll give it another year but this time whole-hearted. I'll pay tithing, I'll read scriptures, I'll pray, I'll have Family Home Evening. I'll put sincere effort into this because I know it's something I want and I'm not ready to give up yet.

If you have any advice on how to get into the habit of these things please let me know. I'll need all the help and encouragement I can get.

3 comments from people we love:

Mechelle said...

I think these goals are great.

If you can write them down and look at them daily it helps.

I have tried for years to read scriptures daily, without missing a day, and I have yet to do this. I read most days but I will miss one of two days a month.

But I don't get too upset and just keep trying. So I guess what I am trying to say is, give yourself some wiggle room and don't beat yourself up and quit if you are not perfect.

Tithing is such a blessing. I would pay it over rent, buying food or anything. I know when I am paying my tithing, everything will work out.

I would make it the first thing you pay every month and you will see.

Heavenly Father has all these wonderful blessing just waiting for you. He wants to send them your way. If you strive to do these things, you will receive these blessings in abundance.


Mechelle said...

I got your comment about the ward blog. I think it would be fun.

What do you think about putting together a mission statement so everyone understands what the blog is for.

I would be sad if it was ever used for gossip or anything unkind. Just an idea.

I would want it to be uplifting and encourage friendships.

Anyway, I love your idea. Let me know. m

Meredith said...

Way to go Chrystal! I, too, thought tithing was scary and intimidating. It was money that we needed for other things in our life. But we're doing so good in paying it, and it's totally worth it. It's so weird to me how when we are paying it, our finances are actually better than when we aren't.

I also need to resolve to make a better effort with reading scriptures and doing FHE. I've got the praying down, but the other two...I'm not so great at. I will work on it with you!