March 31, 2009

Babies Love Devices

Maddox is obsessed with the little devices we have around our home. The remote for the Wii, TV remotes, walkie-talkies, cell phones, flash lights, etc. Several nights ago I was in the shower when Maddox woke up for his nighttime feeding. Josh called in to me to hurry up because I just had to see Max. I went into our bedroom to see this.
Our ultra-sleepy, puffy-eyed baby with earphones on and Josh's I-Pod in his hands. He was listening to some "peaceful" music. Josh took the pictures on his phone-which Maddox wanted. Of course.
I had to feed Maddox while he was listening to the music with the death grip on the I-Pod. It really was too cute. Every time the earphone popped out he would look around for it until we got it plugged back in. He was so pleased with himself. And he looks so tired and dopey in these photos that I can't help but have my heart warmed every time I look at them.

4 comments from people we love:

Ashley Knudson said...

This is so cute!

Cherise Davies said...

oh Hilarious! :) what a cutie!

Meredith said...

How cute!

Mechelle said...

Rock on baby. m