April 28, 2009

And The Winner Is . . .

Josh and I have successfully completed our first 2-week challenge. Yesterday we got on the scale and tallied up our points. Okay, Josh got on the scale and we tallied up points. Before the numbers on the scale were revealed and our numbers added I was feeling slightly cocky, positive that I had a huge lead and was guaranteed to be triumphant.

Though I had exercised considerable amounts I didn't want to get on the scale yesterday. I was sure that I had a weight gain, and didn't want to be troubled by the immanent results. I went to soak my feet in the tub and converse with Josh while he was enjoying his own session of water therapy.

We had only been talking a moment when he started gloating that he had lost 2.5 pounds the past 2 weeks. What!? I don't remember exactly what I said in response, but it wasn't exactly a "Congratulations, way to go, Babe." I was very proud of him. But I was positive I had smeared him in exercise time-how could he have lost weight and not me? He thanked me for my shocked and insincere sounding compliment. Again, I actually was very proud of him. But 5 points, that's 2.5 hours of exercise time. Oh, No.

While watching my toes begin to shrivel I kept adding the points in my head. 2.5 pounds, that's 5 points. Oh No . . . I think I lost! I put on my brave face in hopes that it would become less-than-obvious that I was troubled by this latest turn in events. Then I was thinking "I can't believe I convinced him to do my workouts with me, that surely led to my demise. No, that's bad to think. I Love his company when I workout. This is really about getting healthy and not who wins." Whew, bad attitude was quickly changed into a positive attitude in 3.5 seconds.

The tub was drained and I eventually made my way to the kitchen after Josh suggested we tally our points. I drug my feet. He added his points up, 22. I broke it down in my head. 22-5 points for weight=17 points. That's what, 8.5 hours of exercise in two weeks. By this point I was probably acting pitiful in my almost pouting behavior.

I added up my own points feeling completely defeated. Wait. That answer can't be correct. Why, yes it is! 22.5!! I won by 1/2 a point. I won by 30 minutes of exercise. 22.5 points equals 11.25 hours of exercise in 2 weeks. Not too bad. Is that really right? Let me double check us again just to make sure. Josh got 5 points for weight-loss, surely he won; or we tied.

Nope, I won! So I stopped acting so defeated and promised myself I wouldn't gloat. But now I know that I really have my work cut out for me if I want to win again in 2 weeks. That was way to close. Dang it, Josh! Why did you have to do so well at this!

Love you, babe. I'm excited to push even harder with you. This competitive nature between us really is a lot of fun. But in the mean time . . .

I won!! I won!!! I won!!!!

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