April 24, 2009

A Friendly Competition

Part 1 of a 3-Part Blogging Series about being healthy and getting in shape. I just wrote posts 1-3, but I am posting them backwards so they make more sense when you read them.

One of my coworkers was telling me about a competition that she and her husband are having. They are competing to see who can workout the most for a 2-week period. Whoever wins gets an extra allowance. They are doing this because they just bought a boat and want to look good in their swimwear this summer while they're on the lake.

I told Josh about it and we made our own competition. We get 1 point for every 30 minutes we workout, half a point for every 15 minutes above that, and 2 points for every pound lost. Instead of an extra allowance at the end of 2 weeks, the winner will get an allowance. (something we don't typically have)

So far it has been really fun. We are a week and a half into our first round and things are looking good. We haven't been tallying each other to see who's ahead, but I know that I will look at our little chart on our fridge and am reminded that I need to workout for the day.

I also got Josh to workout with me (P90X) the past 2 nights after the boys go to bed. It's been really fun working out and spending healthy time together. Josh even said he was bummed he's missing the next 2 days of working out and is looking forward to when he's home again so we can workout together some more. I love that our little "competition" has turned into a "team" challenge. It's kind of hard for 1 person to get more workout time than the other when you're both doing it together.

We were laughing because when we first got married we looked forward to eating taquitos and playing Mario Kart at night. Then that changed to ice cream and Law & Order SVU. And now we are eating healthy meals and spend our evenings getting in shape. It's fun getting older and being more responsible.

2 comments from people we love:

Mechelle said...

GOOD JOB to both of you! That is great. I will have to tell Jim about this. After his knee operation, maybe he will do it with me! M

*~Randi~* said...

sounds like fun!