April 24, 2009

Weight Watchers

I joined Weight Watchers last week! :) I know that I am not overweight. I know that I don't have tons of weight to lose. That being said, I do have some work to do. While I am in fairly good shape, I struggle with the foods I eat. I need to learn how to eat better.

What can I say? I love sweets! I don't mind eating ice-cream for breakfast, junior mints for lunch, and brownies for dinner. Yummy. Alright, I'm not that bad-but it states my point. I eat really healthy except for the candy I can't avoid. It's terrible that I will eat a healthy salmon dinner and follow it with several handfuls of peanut M&M's.

Weight Watchers will be really good for me. I like the idea of food having points and only getting to eat so many points a day. And there is also a little tracker that you use to check off the good foods you eat each day to make sure you're getting the good stuff and drinking enough water. I know it sounds simple and obvious-but I was surprised just how many points my sweet tooth was consuming. I know I want to eat healthier than that!

So, Help!!! I'm curious what you do to help with the sweet tooth and the cravings for sweets. I've heard fish oil helps. What other tricks or tips do you have? What works for you?

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Mechelle said...

GUM~ lots and lost of sugarless gum. I go through a pack or two a day on bad days. It really helps me to keep the cravings down. I love WW. I have not been for a while, but it is a good place. Very positive.

I have 9 more pounds to go... just to let you know I am working on this too. M