April 24, 2009


P90X is a workout program that I bought a while back and have done off and on since. It's an amazing program and I LOVE it because it's not the same workout day after day. The goal of the program is to workout for 90 strait days-to a series of 12 different workouts. This gets one in shape and builds a habit of working out. I have made many personal excuses as to why I can't to it for 90 days.

1-When I close at work, beginning a workout at 9:30 or 10:30 is too late and I'm too tired
2-For some reason, I ALWAYS get sick when I really push myself with my workouts. Normally I make it for a week and then stop because I get sick.
3-I want to spend my time with Josh when we are together, not stay confined to our own rooms for an hour+ while I workout.
4-There are many others, these tend to be my top 3 excuses.

Yes, excuses. In a society where fast food and a stationary lifestyle have become the norm it becomes difficult at times to be healthy. If I tell a coworker/friend/family I don't feel like working out they will quickly jump on board helping to list reasons I shouldn't, tell me they wouldn't, or they don't see how I can after working all day and raising a family. Very seldom does a person say "Get off your butt and burn some calories."

I have reached a crossroads. To the right I have the lifestyle I have been comfortable in. To the left I have the lifestyle I want. I have begun my journey to the left. I enlisted Josh for help (I'll post about that next), and I haven't missed a day of working out since. Granted, It's been less than a week. :) I have also been running a few evenings a week-something that I love to do.

So there it is. I will be adding a button to the sidebar so you can see that I am working out to hit my 90 day mark. Any and all encouragement would be amazing. And if you are looking for an intense and fun workout I highly recommend P90X. It's fantastic!

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Mechelle said...

Looks like a great program. I hope you reach your goal. Keep going girl, you can do this. m