May 1, 2009

Looking for Some Books and 100th Post!!!!

I am on the hunt for The Work and The Glory by Gerald N. Lund. I am searching for the HARDcover editions of the book. Mainly books 1-3, as I believe that books 4 and on are still in print.

A lot of you live in areas that have a better chance of having these books in used book stores and in good condition compared to the stores that we have here.

I have been wanting to read this series for a few years. And it seems as though Josh wants to read as much historical info about the church as he can and I feel as though he would get a lot out of reading them . . . even if they are "fictionally" based.

So if any of you have a chance to call your local used book store, or know of someone that would be willing to sell their copy, please let me know.

You guys are awesome!

3 comments from people we love:

Anonymous said...

You can go to They don't have the book available but they do have authorized sellers and you can often get a new book from one of them for a reasonable price. They are usually better priced than anything you will find on google.

Rachael said...

YOu can find them on Amazon.

Cherise Davies said...

Mom has them I think...If she does, I don't know that she'd want to sell them but I'm sure she'd let you borrow them...if she has them. haha