May 1, 2009

3-Week Roadtrip

A vacation? What's that? People really have those?

Yes, our time is coming. Just after Christmas we started planning a roadtrip. Our family of 5 is joining my mom and grandma, because all 7 of us will fit in my mom's car. We are splitting our gas 3-ways, and our hotel suites when we need them. What that means for us is the financial cost of the trip will be 1/3 of what it would be if we went on our own.

You are probably wondering when and where, and what we will be doing for 3 weeks. So, here are the tentative plans-they change everytime we talk about it.

As of now, we are planning on picking up my grandma from the very southern most part of Arizona. That will take us to see:
-The much acclaimed White Sands, NM --->

-Kansas to see my brother, actually his family because he won't be there --->

-Then off to Nauvoo to see church historical sites --->
-On to Ohio to see my other brother and his family --->

-We will then go another 45 minutes to Kirtland for more church sites
-Then off to Palmyra, New York for even more church sites. My mom said she couldn't stand the thought of being that close to Palmyra and not going. ---> -That is so close to Niagara Falls that we just decided okay-we'll go there as well. --->
-Back to Ohio to visit with my brother and his family some more--->

-Off to Chicago! --->
-Minnesota, to see one of my uncles and my dad's whole side of the family --->

-Back to Kansas, my brother will be home the second time around --->

I know, we are absolutely crazy to go on a 3-week road trip with the kids in tow. But it will be such a tremendous experience. And I really don't think it will be that bad.

It all works with Cody's school schedule because he is home schooled. He will do schoolwork in the car, and get TONS of credit for all the things we will be experiencing. I will hopefully be leaving my job just before we head out, and Josh will only have to take 8 vacation days (which he has because we haven't gone anywhere).

We'll be going in the Fall because the weather will be nice to travel in and the leaves will be changing. Gorgeous! All we really need to figure out is who will watch our dogs for 3 weeks. :)

2 comments from people we love:

Meredith said...

That will be so fun and memorable! And how brave of you guys to be going with your mom and grandma in the same car for that long! There's no way I'd be able to do that with my family!

Anonymous said...

White Sands is so fun and beautiful! I've gone there almost every year the past 10 years, cause my Grandparents live there!Its a must see!