May 18, 2009

New Shoes

I was a little embarrassed when I went into the specialty running shoe store today. I walked in and had my old, shabby shoes with me. I probably would have put off purchasing a new pair for another year if it weren't for the sudden destruction of my old ones.

My old shoes. I bought them about 5 years ago. A Kohl's special. I don't think I even paid $40 for them. I had run most of the tread off the soles. The left shoe had a crack that ran along the ball of my foot. If I was running on a wet surface my left sock would be damp from the moisture that seeped in. And then, my right shoe. Last week it finally gave up the battle. The whole right side of my shoe gave way. I could see the layers that formed my shoe, I could see my sock and directly rub the bottom of my foot through the hole that had sprung.

After I told the clerk what I had come in for he asked me to "walk" for him so he could see how my feet hit the floor and look at my arches. I'm an outside of the feet walker with high arches. That explained the complete lack of tread on the outside of my shoes. He asked if I had my old shoes with me. I shamefully pulled them out of my bag and handed them over.

He took them from me and looked at them. A look of shock spread across his face. His eyes wide with surprise that a person was actually wearing this pitiful display of footwear. He told me that a pair of running shoes should be worn for 300 miles. 500-600 miles if you really pushed it. Then he looked at me and sternly, yet playfully said, "Not 3,000 miles." Point taken.

He asked me if my feet or joints hurt while I run. I sheepishly replied, "Yes." He was not surprised. He quickly gathered 3 pairs of shoes for me to slip my feet into. Ah . . . my feet sang with joy at the support they were being offered. They didn't lean to one side or another from being worn down. My feet immediately perked up and basked in the joy of the gift they were about to receive.

As I was trying on another pair a second clerk walked in. The gentleman that was assisting me suggested he look at my old shoes sitting on the counter. He picked them up, his face expressing the horror he felt.

Okay! Okay.

I made my purchase and didn't even think twice as my card was swiped. It felt so good to have a strong, and durable pair of shoes - freshly wrapped and tucked inside a box. Just for me. The new smell filling the air under my nose. They even smelled wonderful. Oh, and did I mention? Their PINK. I'm in love.

3 comments from people we love:

Ashley Knudson said...

I love those shoes! Hope your date went awesome :)

MoM K said...

Hey.... could you please go buy me some new shoes too? It takes me FOREVER! I hate doing it and I need them desparately too. My feet are very picky about arches and such things.. Let me know when you have them :)You can pay as much as you want! thanks!

Meredith said...

Awesome! I probably should get some new ones before my next race! :)