July 6, 2009

It's been a long time

It's been over a month since my last post. Life got really busy and I just didn't have the time. I have been enjoying reading the posts of those of you I follow. I didn't have the time to reply, but I have been sure to at least keep up with what's going on.

So, here's a little of what's been going on over here on our end.

We went to Albuquerque again to visit my dad and his wife while my brother Jacob was there. We were only gone a couple of days, then we had to dash back because I had to work.

Cody and Maddox aren't dirty in this picture, they had army paint on their faces. Let's just say that the boys got spoiled rotten with army gear while we were out from both my dad and from Jacob.

The next weekend, Josh and I celebrated 6 YEARS!!!! of being married. Wow, it feels like 2 years, not 6. All I can say is I'm Lucky, LUcky, LUCKY to be married to such a wonderful man. I will dedicate a post just to gushing about Josh very soon. Man, I LOVE him!

On our anniversary, Josh's parents came over and watched the boys for us. We went out for a movie and just enjoyed being able to sit back and worry about nothing but being together. It was so nice to be able to relax for a couple of hours.

We also named a star this year. It is something we have talked about doing for a long time, so we decided it was time. What's that? You're wondering what we named it?! The name translates into "Playful Love." For those of you that really know us, it seems like a perfect name. Our wall art and star map finally arrived last week. I am getting ready to hang it on the wall this week.


Then Josh went to Lake Powell for 4 days with his dad for some quality father-son time while I took the boys with my mom and went down south to visit my grandma. We both enjoyed our time out of town. (Sorry, no pictures for that)

We got back and Cody was off to day camp for the month. So Monday-Friday was filled with play dates, Summer Movie Fun, going to camp and back, errands, ice cream, work, and life. Though I did manage to take the boys out one day before camp-we took the dogs on a small hike and let them run wild in a meadow. It was loads of fun, and we all got Really Dirty. We had 20 minutes when we got home to shower off, eat, and get out the door to get Cody to camp on time.

Yes, we will definitely be going out again very soon.

My brother Jesse came out with his little boy, Auctavine - - - he is such a doll.

I went down to Phoenix for a day with some girlfriends for some MUCH needed girls time. It is the first time I have EVER left town without my kids for a personal reason (work meetings don't count). Can you believe that, I have been a mom for 10 1/2 years, and I finally got out for myself. Yea, it was wonderful.

Zackary suddenly came down with pneumonia. Seriously, I'm talking about waking up with a cough at 3 am to difficulty breathing with a fever just 8 hours later. He is almost completely recovered. He's still on breathing treatments-but has presented as nothing more than an energetic 4-year old most of the time. We have to remind him he is sick and needs to take it easy.

My dad came out to visit this past holiday weekend. I'll post more on those adventures later as well.

And tomorrow we leave town again to go celebrate Josh's grandpa's 90th birthday. Oh Yea!

Sprinkle into that a half-dozen nights with company over for dinner or visiting and that about sums up our last 6 weeks. We love having company over. Most of the time is spent just laughing or sitting by the fire pit.

So much has been going on-I just don't have the energy to write it all out with more life and detail. Please forgive my lazy blogger spirit lately. I promise to do better now that things have calmed down a bit.

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Rachael said...

Wow, sounds like lots of fun! Enjoy the rest of summer.