November 27, 2009

Road Trip Part 1

Last month we went on a fabulous road trip.

We were barely out of Flagstaff, heading towards Liberal, Kansas when we were pulled over because the luggage rack on the back of the car was covering the license plate. This led to a warning and our first stop at a Walmart.

Mom flirted her way out of a ticket

We stopped at Walmart and purchased zip ties to attach the plate to the luggage rack and were on our way again. We put a movie on for the boys, but the DVD player we had borrowed from a friend only lasted an hour before the battery died. We were driving all the way to Illinois, this wouldn't do! So not even two hours after we left our first Walmart we were stopping at our second. This was beneficial because we also got an adapter for Josh's iPod so we could listen to his music. This same adapter worked for the DVD player and the boys were able to immediately watch a movie.

After a very long day of driving we were finally approaching our hotel. It was after midnight and we were following our mapquest directions that had taken us through a dark and creepy looking neighborhood, past a closed swimming park and to the end of a dead end street. This definitely counted as our first of several Scooby Doo moments.

Luckily at the end of this street we were able to see our hotel and only had to turn around for a short distance to get to our destination. We arrived at our hotel and finally checked in just after 1am.

Our late night equaled a late morning. We missed the free breakfast and the boys opted to go swimming before we left for day 2. After packing up and grabbing a bite to eat we head out to see some of the town sites. This is what we saw.

The opening to the libraryA great photo opp.

The Wizard of Oz park was closed, but they had plenty of outdoor things for us to goof around on. The boys had fun running around and getting some of their energy out.

At Dorothy's HouseYes, Josh gave Lion a wienie. He said it was cold outside.
This was fun, don't ask why-it just wasDon't EAT ME!
The Yellow Brick Road

Next we were off to Meade, Kansas to see the old Dalton Gang Hideout. Walking through the tunnel and imagining what it would have been like when it was originally built was pretty cool. While we were there we went through the museum in the barn loft and saw lots of really cool things, like these.

A two-headed calf
Bull blinders. I think it looks like a chastity bra.The tunnel from the barn to the house

And outside of the barn they built an Old Western play area. It was a little cold and a little muddy but fun for everybody.

Playing deadPretending to use the bathroom

That about wrapped up our site seeing for the day and we continued on our journey northward to our hotel in Salina, Kansas. Again we arrived late. We decided to get 2 adjoining rooms instead of the 1 room we originally booked. We got the keys and went to our room, opened the doors and were bombarded with this moldy smell. Mom couldn't handle the smell and went on a crusade with the hotel staff sniffing other rooms until she found another set of adjoining rooms that didn't stink.

These rooms were better in that they were closer to the breakfast area and really close to the pool. Since the pool was the whole reason we stayed at this hotel that was a huge perk. This hotel has a pool with a 145 foot water slide!

We had so much fun on this slide! Everybody went on it!

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