November 29, 2009

We woke up this morning to find our first snow fall of the season covering everything outside with a beautiful layer of sparkling white. The trees were delicate with their shimmering blankets, quiet and peace filled the air.

Three boys woke up squealing in delight as they noticed this elusive substance covering the world around them. Breakfast was gobbled up and the panicked rush set in as each searched diligently for the snow suits, boots, jackets, hats and gloves that have been buried since the snow stopped falling from the sky earlier this year.

Two sets of feet were crammed into last years boots that are now two sizes too small. The littlest feet donned rain boots with two pairs of socks. Two pairs of legs joyfully jumped into snowsuits, the littlest legs refused.These 3 boys eagerly escaped outside accompanied by their dad and two dogs. Snow angels were made, snow balls were thrown, dogs were wrestled and footprints were left in all directions.

I stayed inside and turned on the Christmas music. As I stood by the window enjoying the magic on the boys faces, I folded and hung the fresh smelling laundry. I lifted one of the littlest's shirts and pressed my face into it, breathing the smell in deeply. They grow so fast.

The giggles from outside penetrated my window and flooded my ears. I looked out my window again and saw little faces with cherry red cheeks. The laundry could wait for a moment, hot chocolate would be needed soon.

A few more minutes passed and cold air suddenly rushed into our home. The boys were coming in sounding as though they had just finished running the race of their life. I helped to peel of the 5 layers of clothing I dressed them in that make them look like Randy in A Christmas Story ("I can't put my arms down!") and gave them a cup of hot chocolate.

There were now cold, wet clothes strewn about the entrance. The boys had broken off in their separate directions to get changed, showered, and ready for work. I took another deep breath; this time breathing in the joy, love, life and memories around me; and I finished putting the away the laundry.

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Meredith said...

You write so lovingly. It's so nice! It's wonderful that you'll be able to go back and read this some day and re-live this memory!