November 24, 2010

No More Tests, Please!

About the same time my knee started hurting about 2 years ago, I was also suddenly getting really bad stomach pains. With the pains I was also experiencing weight gain. What the heck!! I decided that, as with my knee, it was a pain I could live with so I didn't go to the doctor . . . until 6 months ago when I went in for my knee. Might as well get it all figured out at once, right?

My doctor sent me in for a CT and referred me to a specialist, a gastroenterologist. I went in for my CT the same day I had the MRI for my knee. When I finished up the CT, I went down the hall for the MRI. As I was leaving the MRI office, excited to finally be heading home, they called my name and said CT needed me to go back for another round. Oh joy. That's exactly what you want to hear. At CT, they said they saw something they wanted to look at again. Again, not what I was wanting to hear. But I did the second round and went home.

The next day my doctor called and asked if I could come in that morning to go over my test results. Actually no, I was unable, so I had to wait for the next day. I was a little nervous to go in. I had never had my doctor ask me to come in to go over test results. I called Josh, who had to get off shift a day early to be home with the boys, and told him what was going on.

I remember not sleeping very well that night. I remember feeling a little anxious the next morning on my way in. And I remember telling my doctor that she could have told me it was nothing life-threatening or serious before I got there! She probably knew I wouldn't come in unless she made it sound serious. What a brat.

The CT showed that I may have passed a kidney stone (the pain on my left). Though they couldn't say for sure because there was nothing there but a dilated tube. It also looked like I had calcification on the neck of my gallbladder, with maybe an un-calcified gallstone lodged in the neck (the pain on my right). My doctor then had me scheduled for a HIDA test to get a better look at the gallbladder.

The next month I was in for the HIDA test. My gallbladder was functioning wonderfully. This was good news. But, the specialist didn't think that was the cause of pain. So to get a different look at things ....... Next up, an Upper-GI with follow through.

Super nasty barium. I HATE GI's. The GI showed I have acid reflux, and gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying). Perhaps this was the source of the pain.

During these tests I also had to give stool samples and have lots of blood work. The samples came back normal, but the blood work showed I was hyper-thyroid again. Now, more tests because I needed a detailed thyroid panel.

The specialist said sometimes thyroid issues cause other weird things to go on in the body. This might be the source of the pain. I was sent to another doctor to get my thyroid tested. My test showed that some of my levels were high, but not the ones we need to worry about. That was good news!

I was sent in for an ultra sound to help rule more things out. Everything looked great. And even better news - no gallstones anywhere! I eat healthy, so after the CT I was a little bothered that they thought I had gallstones. I know that's not the only reason people get gallstones, but it was still frustrating to think about. Anyway, I felt some vindication. Another good test.

Now running out of options, my specialist wanted to do an endoscopy. She wanted to check again for celiac's just to triple rule it out (colonoscopy, blood test, now endoscopy). I was previously falsely told by a doctor that I had celiac's, and was on the diet for 8 years (I think it was 8) - time to rule it out for good. So she was checking for celiac's, looking for hernias, or anything else that stood out.

I went in yesterday and had the procedure done. Really not that bad. My throat is a little sore today, and my wrist is bruised and swollen from the IV. Not too bad - so much better than the GI. A couple of biopsies were taken, I'll get a call next week for the results. I don't remember everything (I need to ask Josh, probably for a 3rd or 4th time) - but it sounds like the celiac's was indeed negative. I think I remember something said about having damage down my esophagus from the acid reflux - and no hernias! Now I just need to wait for the phone call. I think Josh was also given a prescription for me - I don't remember for sure. Again, I need to ask him. (Good thing you have to have a "babysitter" at the appointment.)

On a side note - with the wonderful medicine they give you to knock you out, they also give you something so you won't remember anything. Apparently, this also acts like a truth serum. Josh said the doctor talked to me afterwords and asked me some questions - which I answered correctly. And then I had a conversation with Josh that I wouldn't have had normally. I don't remember any of it. I would also like to say right now that I can't be held accountable for any truths that I may, or may not, have said. After all, I had no control and have no recollection of what was said.

In the end, I still don't know what the source of my pain is. Hopefully I'll get some answers when the specialist calls me sometime next week.

Oh-Josh also said I have wonderful levels. This was great to hear! I have a resting heart-rate of about 50. My blood pressure was 101/66. And I breathe about 11-12 times a minute. I don't necessarily know what all those numbers mean - but I was informed that they mean I have a good, strong, healthy heart. All the healthy eating and exercising might not be showing physically, but at least my levels do show it. I'll take that any day!

2 comments from people we love:

Dave Jackson said...

About hyperthyroid... am happy it is not the issue you have to address. I was hyperthyroid and celiac - I believe the two are related. Sending good energy your way!! Dave

Toyin O. said...

Praying you will be okay.