November 22, 2010

Maturing, or Something Like It

A couple of months ago I was sitting in the chair at my hairdressers talking about plans to go console and television shopping. For some reason, it was humorous to us. Such a mature and grownup conversation. Last week we talked about going on vacations and trip planning. Again, mature conversation.
When did we become mature and grownup? How did this happen? When did our desires for Barbie Dolls turn into wishes for digital camcorders? Our conversations have changed from who we're hanging out with to what bills we need to pay and what our children are doing. We talk about repairing and updating our homes and what we're planning for dinner.
This past week I've listened to our boys chattering excitedly about Christmas coming and what they are writing on their Christmas lists and what they're going to ask Santa for. It also makes me realize that once again we (the grownups) are going to be asked by loved ones what we want for Christmas.
It happens every year. "What do you want for Christmas?" "Gosh, I don't know." "There's got to be something you want!" "Well, I don't need anything." We change, so that instead of thinking about what we want (like our children do), we start thinking about what we need.
Today I'm home, sick and unmotivated. I turned on the computer and then started thinking about what it is that I do want. This makes me laugh. Unlike when I was a child, there is not a lot that I want. But what I do want is so much more costly.
It is more costly, but it's still fun to drool! It's still fun to window shop and picture things in your home, on your counters and in your closets. And that's all I've really done today. So here it is, my mature list of wants!

This beautiful popcorn machine. My wonderful in-laws bought me a popcorn machine when I was pregnant with Zackary. It has been used weekly for 6 years. Unfortunately, the heat from constant use has melted the vent. Now popcorn gets backed up, or kernels get shot all over the place. This beauty would look wonderful in my kitchen. Yes, yes indeed.

Or how about this gorgeous red KitchenAid! I love to bake, and often struggle with the quantity. Having this gem would make life much easier. Who knows what I could/would whip-up!
Now I'm a little torn between the SpotBot and the Little Green Machine. We have children that spill and dogs that make messes. We also have really old, nasty carpet we can't replace. I've heard the green machine is awesome but can leave the floor wet. The SpotBot can leave "carpet circles" because it cleans so well-the carpet around it looks dirty. I'm guessing that either would be great. And oh how nice it would be to have carpet that actually gets cleaned when it's scrubbed! Instead of stains that we can't get out. On a totally selfish level, I would love the iPod touch! Running would be much more fun and easier with music in my ear. Nights would be less lonely and Podcasts could be enjoyed. And with one of these I would totally want one of the speaker stations to play it on. I suppose others could enjoy it then as well!
Ah, yes. Having gadgets is fun. I never would have thought that I would like a carpet cleaner or a counter mixer as a gift. Another sign of maturity-or something like that!

And just to show that there is still that little girl in me, there is something I love that my boys love, too. Playmobil!!! In honor of never wanting to completely grow up, I want one of these!

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Meredith said...

And the Green Machine you don't have to just use on the carpet! I've used it on our furniture MANY times!!!!

And I think that the maturity comes when you have your first kid, for most people! :)