August 5, 2011

Family Photos

Several years ago I started scanning in old family photos. It's a really nostalgic experience. I get to look back at my family from the beginning. Back when my oldest brother's head really was the size of an extremely large melon and you could guess the year by my sister's hairstyle.

I get to see photos like this one, of my parents when they were in their early-mid twenties. It was fun watching them grow-up through photographs. It's been fun to compare myself to them when they were about my age ... and to see what they were doing and all they had done.

I get to see my brothers go from the cute, smiling, little boys to the I'm-to-cool-to-smile-anymore preteens. And all the fashions we each sported over the years. Let me tell ya, it's all in the hair and the glasses! Too funny!!

I've probably scanned close to 400 photos, with thousands more waiting their turn. But I look forward to the day when they've all been done. When I can give my parents and my siblings a disk of our families life together. I look forward to the day when all the memories can be shared.

Because that's what it's all about, right? Making and sharing memories together? I think so.

It's also made me realize just how important it is to get my own photos in order and to get my own scrapbooking underway. I don't want to leave a task like this in the hands of my children.

Since I first got married that's been the most given advice I've heard, "Get your photos organized and in albums." "Scrapbook your photos before you forget the stories and the dates, because you will forget." "Get your photos on disks because they are easier to store." "Don't keep all your photos on your computer - you'll lose them all if your computer crashes." "Give copies of your disks to a family member, if your house catches fire and you lose everything - somebody else will have copies of all your photos."

Yikes, I have a lot of work to do! I think all of that is the advice I've followed the least. In fact, it would appear that I've done the exact opposite of what I've been told. Okay. Okay. This month I vow to get started on this monumental task.

Wish me luck!

1 comments from people we love:

Anonymous said...

Whoa. It always, always amuses me to see old pictures, even from the 1980's. The huge shoulder pads, the fly-away shoulder wings, the hair, etc. Even the poses. So many people looked constipated and boring and, well, stiff. You should see MY pictures from yesteryear. Makes me wonder what kids will think of our 2011 photos. Will we look old and stiff or will we look like we're trying desperately to stay/look young.