January 21, 2012

2 Years Later

Our darling boys. We didn't have their photographs for 2 years. Wow, they have changed! Cody has grown up so much. Zackary is missing teeth (one naturally, the other met up with a counter top), and Maddox actually has hair.

I simply love and adore these boys of ours. They are my world! I don't know if it was just luck - or if it had something to do with how we parent ... but these boys rock!

Cody. He's smart. Kind. Patient. Thoughtful. Loving. Accepting. When he's in trouble he simply accepts his punishment. He doesn't act up, lash out, or pout around the house. For him, it is was it is and he just accepts that. Not only that, he makes the best out of the situation. I've never seen or known another kid like him. He gets in trouble most often because he reads nonstop and gets lost in his own universe. He realizes he is good looking, which has been fun to watch this year. After being home schooled the past 3 years, the introduction of girls has him twitterpated this year. He's super helpful around the house with everything from chores to helping with his brothers. He is such a great brother. He's spiritually strong, and has embraced who he is. They don't get much better than him.

Zackary. He is our tender-heart. He loves to eat healthy but begs for fast food - which he seldom gets. He is tough as nails and learns quickly. When he gets to play the Wii, he jumps and hops nonstop. He went to public school this year, 2nd grade. He was concerned about leaving home and missing Mom and Dad. Now his biggest complaint is that the boys want to play with him and the girls keep chasing him during recess. Poor guy! He loves to read and do hands-on projects. He still loves to snuggle and share his love. He and his best friend, Daniel, are thick as thieves. I love that. He is super observant and has an elephants' memory. He is also spiritually strong, and his scripture knowledge and understanding amazes me.

Maddox. He was born to be an actor. Everyday is dress-up day. He dresses as a jack Sparrow, Anakin, Spiderman, a ninja, a farmer, Flynn Rider, and more. When he dresses up he takes on the language and personality of his character. He is no longer Max, and we are no longer ourselves either. He loves to cuddle and snuggle and be wrapped in our arms. He hates fast food. He is the master at tying knots and climbing. He loves to kick and punch (something we are trying to fix). He is strong and tough. When he hits his head he makes a small noise and says: I'm okay. When he cries, you know he's really hurt. He asks me to sing him Lullaby when I lay him down for bed, then to turn on his music, and write him a message on the glow board. He is fiercely independent and still asks for help. He give the best snuggle hugs, and says the funniest things.

I know I can count on our boys to be on their best behavior. I know they can be easily redirected. I know that they just need love and some quality attention to be their best. I am so blessed to be their mother. I'm blessed for the lessons they have taught me and the unconditional love they have shared. I love that they sometimes beg for cold cereal on schooldays, when they know they only get it on the weekends.

They aren't perfect and I know that. Parenthood isn't always easy and it's not always fun. It's frustrating when Cody forgets that he has homework or when he's so lost in a book he doesn't hear you talking to him. It's frustrating when Zackary verbally picks on Maddox and when he comes out of his room late at night because he "can't sleep." It's frustrating that Maddox can trash his bedroom in 0.5 seconds, that he hits Zackary when he's angry, and that he averages 15 changes of clothes a week.

But it is all so wonderful. As much as I dislike their frustrating behavior ... I love their giggles and hearing all 3 of them involved in play together. I can't believe how fast they are growing up, or that Cody has just 5 more years until he graduates. I feel as though time is being pulled from under my feet like a magic carpet. I miss holding my sleeping babies, but I love seeing who they're turning into. They are going to be 3 handsome, and wonderful men. I just know it.

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Ashley knudson said...

My eyes got teary reading this! I am so happy I am a part of the mommy club now :) it is crazy how we love our kids so much it hurts. It is the fiercest love I have ever known and I can feel time accelerating already. I can't even imagine how you feel with Cody now! And Zack and Max I don't even recognize anymore they are growing so fast. You have a beautiful family Chrystal