May 13, 2008

Boys will be boys

Oh . . . my . . . goodness. Josh and Cody have started a prank war. It all started several weeks ago when Cody was sick. Cody had been on a kick for a while about the "butt medicine" we had to give him when he was little to help with his constipation. He remembers everything he think happened, though none of what he remembers actually did. Because of all of this "butt talk," we told him we needed to take his temperature and jokingly we told him it had to be done through his bottom instead of his ear. For some reason, Cody thought we were serious and went into the bathroom and pulled down his pants so Josh could take his temperature. I was dying laughing silently in the kitchen wondering how far this would go. Josh followed into the bathroom and when Cody bent over Josh stuck the the normal thermometer into Cody's ear. Suddenly having something in his ear startled Cody, and Josh casually asked him why he had his pants down. Then the joke was realized and we all got a huge laugh out of it. After the joke/prank was over, Cody decided that He and Dad were going to have a Prank War. Dad's response? Bring it on!!

I am now the mediator, making sure all the pranks are fair and reversible. Really i'm in on it to make sure the pranks don't affect me, and also so i can be there when the prank is realized. So far, here are the pranks, i'll keep you posted when any following pranks happen and when the war ends.

1) Butt thermometer *Josh
2) Cold water poured over shower *Josh
3) G.I. Joe in shoe *Cody
4) Dirty clothes dumped on sleeping child *Josh
5) Blue coloring added to shampoo *Cody
6) Flushing the toilet while taking a shower *Cody

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Meredith & Eric said...

Oh my gosh, that is too hilarious! I would love to see a picture of Josh's blue fair!