May 20, 2008

Say Hello to the new Mrs. Handy!

I did it! I couldn't take it another day. This was the sad state of most of our outlets in our living room/dining room. There are several reasons i hated these outlets so much: 1) they are safety hazards. 2) i have an unrealistic fear that there are thousands of spiders living in the walls of my home, and this is how they get inside so they can sneak up on me and either (a) parachute from the ceiling so they can bite me on my head (b) hide in dark places on the floor and then run out and bite me as i walk by (c) start crawling up my arm has i'm watching a movie late at night or (d) crawl into my mouth while i am sleeping at night. *the average person swallows 3 spiders a year while they are sleeping* and 3) they are simply ugly and hideous to look at.

So i called my favorite father-in-law (aka Jim, Josh's dad, "Chef" Pond, Da). Da came over last week and walked me through the steps on how to replace the plugs then left me to do my dirty work. Can i just say that he is amazing for taking the time to help me! I cut the old plugs out of the wall. Cut a larger hole for the blue safety box, re-wired a new plug, added the face plate and made sure everything was level. The result? Awesome-ness!!

The old plugs were really old. Almost every time i used the plug whatever was plugged into it would fall out. This was especially annoying during vacuuming. Not to forget to mention that this was one of those unfinished projects i mentioned a couple weeks ago that i just hated. But now the plugs fit into the sockets so snuggly. Nothing falls out, no sockets are dangling from the wall, and no spiders are going to get through.

I am now feeling especially accomplished and like i can fix anything. I started my handy work on our garden this weekend and will be hopefully finishing that up today. It makes me feel so good to look around and see things coming together before my eyes. I feel even better that i was able to do these things with my own hands.

Wonder what next weeks project will be . . .

2 comments from people we love:

Chrystal said...

Rachael, and others-just in case you read this . . . i did look up, about swallowing spiders. I know it's a myth and not actually documented anywhere. (i know you like to look things like this up!) It's something i had heard a long time ago and it's just stuck with me. It plays into my unrealistic fears of spiders. :)

Meredith & Eric said...

Phew, good thing that's a myth...I was kind of freaking out.

Way to go Mrs. Fix-It!!!