October 20, 2008

Christmas 2008

Because only a couple of us have been doing our Christmas circle the past couple of years-i thought i would refresh your memory. So please, do join in again this year. It's also been decided that we will shop for 1 family, instead of a couple and all of ours kids. It will be less expensive that way and save a lot on shipping. Let's say 1 family, $30. Sound good? Post a comment so i know we've all read this and are on the same page. Love you guys! I also vote we get gifts mailed out by December 1st.

Jesse & Amy have:
Jacob and Family

Chrystal & Josh have:
Matt and Family

Barbie & Troy have:
Jesse and Family

Jacob & Gina have:
Chrystal and Family

Matt & Rachael have:
Barbie and Family

6 comments from people we love:

Chrystal said...

I got an email from the fabulous Gina. Her and Jacob are in and say it all sounds good!

Rachael said...

We are all set!

Horse's family said...

We are in too!! I am glad that you posted this because I don't think Jesse would remember to tell me who's family we have this year...besides last year he told me who we had a few days till Christmas and he said he would take care of the gift!! That was the last thing I knew!!

Barbie Hickey said...

Count the house of Hickey's in too. I swear who ever we have this year you'll get a gift...a really KOOL gift.

Barbie Hickey said...

OK so for Jess, Amy and Tav....does anyone have any ideas? AMY.. HELP!! I really don't want to get you anything Dumb.
Peace out Barbie

Meredith said...

Christmas circles are the best. I made the mistake one time before Eric and I got married to buy a present for every single person in his family. Holy cow that was costly!!!