October 24, 2008

Oh No!

I am ashamed to admit that i was snacking on chips and re-fried beans a couple of nights ago. I left the bag on an end table in our living room thinking it would be okay for a minute while i used the restroom. As i was coming back into the room, Cody was laughing hysterically and i turned to see this.

Good thing we have dogs.

2 comments from people we love:

Horse's family said...

LOL...I love Maddox face. He is like "hi mom I thought I would help myself to your chips!" So cute!!...LOL

Meredith said...

OH my gosh. YOU were snacking?! What were you thinking!? ha ha ha j/k. You could use a little meat on your bones! :)

Maddox's face is super cute in that picture!