October 24, 2008

"Walking the Dogs"

Remember not too long ago i told you that Cody overcame his fear and started riding his bike again? He has just discovered another joy of bike-riding. He doesn't like to walk the dogs, as most kids don't. He gets bored and doesn't like to use his time to walk them. So earlier this week i suggested that he get on his bike and ride up and down our street and let the dogs run after him.

Seriously, how much exercise do two big dogs get on a 15 minute walk?. So Cody tried it and LOVED it! Fluff (brown) and Gizmo (black & white) loved it, too. After running up and down our street 6 times, Fluff gets tired and waits by the gate for Cody and Gizmo to finish. Cody was shocked how fast the dogs could really run-and the neighbors get a kick out of watching them.

Sorry about how shaky the videos are, they were done on our camera and i am still figuring out the video setting on it.

This is the first time Zackary chased after them. I think he wanted to be in the video, too.

*I took your advice, Cherise! I got finally video of Cody on his bike posted!*

2 comments from people we love:

Horse's family said...

Looks like Cody and Zackary both had fun walking the dogs. I bet Zackary was tired after that run!! He did really good at trying to keep up!!

Love the video clips!! I so need to figure out how to put clips in my video's. I have some really cute ones of Auctavine and your brother but I have no idea on how to post them.

Meredith said...

He's a natural with the bike! I'm so glad he overcame his fear!