October 24, 2008

Walking Baby

Maddox didn't want to go to sleep tonight. He was walking all over the play room very happily so i tried to get him on video. I put my cell phone down on a chair as incentive and stood Maddox next to the door. As soon as i set him down he started crying. It has so funny to me and unexpected that i can't help but laugh at his sad little movie. Then 30 seconds later he was okay again (the second video), and my camera batteries died. Boo. He crashed really soon after this and fell right asleep.

He's 10 months old and has been walking for about a month now.



5 comments from people we love:

Cherise Davies said...

He's so dang cute! I can't believe he's already walking so well!

Horse's family said...

I wish I knew how to post video's!! I would post some of Auctavine even though all he is doing is rolling over but I think he is getting ready to crawl!!

I can not believe that Maddox will be one in a few months. It is crazy at how fast time flys by. He is so cute!! And he is doing great at walking!!

Teach me how to post little clips like the one you have of Maddox walking...PLEASE!! It is nice to see family memebers that are so far way.

Meredith said...

Awwww! In just a month or two my baby will be doing the same thing! Dang!


your kids are so dang cute!! i love em! wow, it seems like yesterday you were just saying you were expecting...and he's already walking!! so adorable!! thanks for all your comments, it's so funny, i bet josh and caio would have alot of fun. caio would love your kids too! he loves tammy's and they call him, "unto taio"! lol! so cute, they hug him first now instead of me when we see them! so not fair. haha. yeah i loved the gift from you all that night and i loved having your mom and tom there. it meant alot. considering they were the only extended family that came from my side. the rest were all friends. love ya guys!

Jenni foo foo said...

CUTE!!!! He's getting so big! Time for another...
hahahahaha! :)