January 7, 2009

Almost a month later . . .

In addition to the Holiday's, in December we also celebrate Maddox's, Zackary's and Josh's birthdays. We were fortunate to celebrate all 3 birthdays this year with 1 party. Our family's were very grateful for this joint celebration. The weather was terrible, but almost everybody came to celebrate with us.

My friend, Ashley, felt bad that Cody's birthday didn't fall in December also. Mostly because that meant he was the only one of our kids to not get to open presents. So, she got him "birthday" presents to open so he wouldn't feel left out. Ashley, you're amazing!

Zackary got a pair of sunglasses which he and Maddox loved! Whenever Zack tries to put them on Max hurries over to pull them off his face. And then Max gives us a great, big, Ray Charles kind of smile. What can I say, adorable!

It was a really simple party. We blew up balloons, ate some chips and ice cream cake, sang Happy Birthday and that was it. We had a lot of fun being surrounded by family and friends.

With any luck, Zackary will want to do another joint party next year!

If you're wondering where Josh is, he's the one with the camera. I'm not sure why we didn't get any pictures of him. He probably didn't want his picture taken. Oh well, we'll get him next year!

2 comments from people we love:

Ashley Knudson said...

I was so happy to be there! I need to come over soon and hang out, we can't fall off the wagon again with hanging out lol So text me when you are available and I will come hang out!

Meredith said...

Happy birthday to all! :)