January 15, 2009

Follow Your Thoughts

I've been noticing a lot lately that I have been having even more random thoughts than I usually do. My mind jumps around quite a bit, yet I have learned the art to keeping it quiet as well. But lately I have these thoughts that come quickly, I recognize them-dismiss them, and keep going. And normally within a few hours I realize what a mistake it was to not listen to these thoughts.

The thoughts themselves don't seem to be anything too special . . .

I was placing our reusable shoppers in the back of our car before I left for work. I noticed our snow gear (jackets, boots, gloves) was still in the back of our car. I suddenly had the thought that "I should take this out in case the boys want to play outside today." Then I dismissed the thought and replaced it with, "No, the snow is iced over. They won't want to play outside today." A few hours later while I was at work-Josh called looking for the gear. Dang it! I should have listened to the thoughts.

While at church, there are a couple teachers that I just LOVE to hear lessons from. I almost always take a lot away from their lessons. Their teaching styles just click with me and keep my attention throughout the class. This Sunday, another thought. "You should write her a letter telling her how much you love her teaching." First I thought that was a good idea, then I replaced it with thinking she probably doesn't know me and wouldn't really care. I know, I should write the letter!

One more example: A good friend of mine, B. There have been several times when I really start to think about her and that I need to call her. This feeling lasts a few hours to a few days. I regret to say, I tell myself I'll call her when I have the time, then I get busy and forget. And if I don't call her during those days or hours-she ALWAYS calls me. Weird. We are just in tune to each other that way. And here it is again, I should call her!

There have been more personal thoughts-I won't share here-but the last day or two I have been thinking about these thoughts. I have been thinking that I need to carry a little notebook with me and write these thoughts down as I get them so I can remember to do them before too much time passes, if not right away. So today I am on a quest to find my little red notebook. You know, the notebook I wrote my New Year's Resolutions in-then lost.

These thoughts are coming more and more often. They are always good, helpful, uplifting. I should follow them. Now . . . where did I put that notebook . . .

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