January 21, 2009

Some Mom Time

Today I only had to work until 1:30-so nice! One of my friends was going to drive up for a visit so we made plans for lunch and a movie-but she had to cancel last night. So I called my mom and we made plans to see a movie instead.

I realize I have blogged about going to the movies with my mom before . . . but we haven't gone out for quite some time and were way past due. Our movie didn't start until 2:40 and my mom was going to dash from work and get there just in time. So I got there uber early and just sat.

I sat in an empty theatre for about 40 minutes and just breathed. Nobody was in there talking. I turned off my phone. I closed my eyes. I sat there peacefully and just breathed.

That was before I ate an avocado and an entire bag of popcorn before the movie even began. SSSsssooo Yummy!

After the movie my mom and I talked about for a short time before she had to leave. Again, nice. No pressure. We understand each other so well. We can just look at each other or give nudges here or there and we know what is meant. No talking necessary. Wonderful. She's one of my best friends. Not judgemental. Reliable. Trustworthy. Kind-hearted. Fun. Intelligent. I just love her.

We are going out again Friday for another movie. It's a movie, it's what we do! I love the time we get to spend together and just wish we had more. Today was a good day-productive at work-time with mom-night with my boys. And I got to just breathe.

3 comments from people we love:

Meredith said...

So nice!!!!

Benjamin Button was really good! What did you think of Bride Wars? I don't know if I want to see it...

Ashley Knudson said...

I think Cate Blanchett is the prettiest woman I have ever seen in Benjamin Button! I seriously wish I was pale with red hair after that movie lol Let me know how Bride Wars was! I heard it was pretty funny

Mechelle said...

Good to have time with your mom. I am breathing deeper after reading this post. ;0)