January 23, 2009

What I Feel

I've been out of my funk and am back to ME again! So I thought I'd share what I am feeling (and normally feel) with you this time!

-Finally comfortable (enough) in my own skin

-In Love with the greatest man in the world! (for me)

-Grateful for life, love, family, safety

-Happy, content, at peace

-Productive, with limitless possibilities

-Cody, I love your freckles, the knowledge you share, how much you give, and your individualism

-Zackary, I love your smile, how crazy you are, cuddling with you, and morning talks

-Maddox, I love your giggle, playing baby games with you, how you climb and run, and exploring with you

-Josh, I love your embrace, how well you're doing with Paramedic class, all you do around our home, your delicious cooking, your support, your comedic personality . . .

-Eager to learn

-Actively trying to be the best me I can be

-Missing my siblings and their families

-Inner peace, not conflicted with anyone or anything

-Open and honest

-Exhausted, but needing exercise to be strong

-Extremely grateful that hubby and I both have jobs we love

-Love when my kids and dogs attack me with excitement when I get home

-Fluff, I love when you lay your head on the edge of my bed next to me

-Gizmo, I love your puppy joy

-Planning on home improvements next week!

-Taking down Christmas tomorrow . . . I'm finally ready

-Enjoying time spent with my Amazingly Wonderful Moot!

-Excited to see my dad again in a couple weeks

-Anxious to decorate for Valentines Day

-Getting ready because Cody turns 10 in four days

-Eager to learn new things every day

-In love with life

-Learning good things from all I know

4 comments from people we love:

Anonymous said...

THats all good to hear! sounds like a good year to come for you guys!

Meredith said...

That's so awesome! I hope that I'm there someday soon!

I can't believe Cody is going to be TEN!!!! Holy cow!

Mechelle said...

This post warmed my heart. I love you. How sweet and kind and giving and caring you are. M

Jen-ben said...

ah, I love that post!!