April 5, 2009

Cody's Baptism

Cody was baptized the day after Josh graduated from Paramedic Class. Cody worked for over a year to get baptized and was on a daily countdown-all the way to a minute-by-minute countdown until it was time for him to be baptized.

Grandpa Don baptized Cody, and Grandpa Tom confirmed him. Cody had family come from all over for his special day. His uncle Eric came from Missouri, His uncle Jeff (and family) even drove up from Mesa and played the piano for him-which really meant a lot to Cody. Cody wanted to have as many family members involved has he could. Everybody he asked to join in was there and ready to do their part. Grandma's gave talks, aunts and uncles said prayers. Cody had a permanent smile on his face that day.

He was on cloud nine for at least a week after his baptism. We are so proud of him for deciding on his own that he wanted to do this and then sticking with it.

The only thing we somehow didn't get was a picture of Cody and Grandpa Don in their baptism suits. How is that possible?? Those are traditional and cherished pictures. That's what I get for trying to be in 3 places at 1 time. What do you say, Grandpa . . . let's go take a couple more pictures!

4 comments from people we love:

Meredith said...

That's just so wonderful! Congrats to Cody!

Cherise Davies said...

I always get so teary eyed whenever you talk about Cody's decision to be baptized and how special it is to him! I LOVE that it means so much to him! :) i wish wish wish wish we could have been there! but i'm so glad there were so many of his family there!

Mechelle said...

HOW SWEET! I love Grandpa Don. He is such a good man. Congrats to Cody! m

Jen-ben said...

aw...so awesome!